Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scientific project: Specter

                                                                Scientific Project
Right after hearing the subject for this project, scientific, my mind immediately jumped to the idea of anatomy and masks/goggles. I pursued those ideas throughout my planning process which you can see below.
After picking my favorite of both the wing anatomy and the mask/goggles ideas, it was on to my final sketches, below, before I started on the end piece.

It was time I'd decided which one I wanted to pursue as my final project. I chose both. I took the best qualities of my two ideas and incorporated them into my final (as seen below). Now about my medium. The way I chose my medium was by going off past experience. I had hardly ever used pen and had only dabbled with charcoal. So I went with the medium that had proven most useful in the past, pencil. I used pencil to what I believe is its best extent in this project. I  tried not to rush things and took all the time I wanted as I filled my piece with detail to the best of my abilities. Now, I did run into trouble when trying to figure how the light would spread over the fabric of the suit, so I sought help in a very well known piece that is "Son of Man". I looked at how the artist had expertly seen how the darks and lights spread smoothly across the fabric. In the end, after the trials and extraneous amount of time it took me to complete this piece, I can say that I'm the slightest bit proud of how this project turned out. It's name is Specter. (Yes, the head is meant to be slightly disproportionate to the shoulder width and body size; it kind of gives a 'standing over you' look.)